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Godrej, the name etched in metal, secures almost every door in India. ‘Godrej’ has become synonymous with trust, protection and integrity. Today, after a period of more than 100 years, his legacy continues to ensure a high degree of security to consumers with the implementation of latest technology and constant innovation. With exports of Godrej Locks spanning across various countries, the brand has come a long way in delivering world class locking solutions.

Our safety solutions are unique and need driven. Welcome to the world of Godrej to get the most appropriate security solutions for your home and business.

9 Mantras for Selection for Locks:
1. Key Combination and Inter-changeability
Key combination stands for how unique your key is and the number of times the same key is repeated for another lock. Godrej Ultra, Godrej Ultra EXS, Godrej EWA and Godrej l-Button series locks have one of the highest key combinations in India.

"Higher the key combination, safer is your home."

2. Non-duplication of the key
Just in case you lose your key, it is all the more difficult for someone to duplicate it if it is made with a higher technology. Godrej Ultra, Godrej Ultra EXS, Godrej EWA and Godrej l-Button series locks have a high degree of non-duplicability.

"Higher the technology, greater is the possibility of non duplication of your key."

3. Unpickability of a lock
Unpick ability means:-
a. The lock cannot be opened using any foreign material.
b. Duplicate key cannot be made without the original key.
Godrej Ultra, Godrej EXS, Godrej EWA and Godrej l-Button series of locks are very difficult to pick.

"Higher the technology, greater is the Unpickability of the lock."

4. Master Keying Ability
Lock made using this technology allow the user to have a single key for a maximum set of locks used, provided the locks are of the same technology level.

"Higher the technology, larger is the set of locks that can have one master key."

5. Strength of the Lock Body
When an intruder is not able to pick any lock, he uses force to break or damage the lock to gain entry. A good, sturdy lock will always prevent forced entry. All Godrej locks undergo thorough & rigorous life cycle tests, as well as load-bearing tests to prove their strength before they reach to you.

6. Brand
A good and trustworthy brand like Godrej makes all the difference.

7. Warranty / Guarantee
This shows the company's confidence in its product and gives you the trust to buy it. Godrej is the first company in India to give 15 years guarantee for Godrej Ultra locks.

8. Service
Always select the lock of a company that provides you with good, after sales service such as:-

• Installation.
• Emergency opening.
• Key duplication.
• Repair.

Godrej provides you with all of the above services.

9. Value for money
Value for money should be judged by the life cycle of the lock. The price you pay for the lock should not only benefit you but also your generations.


Indobrass brand always provides a well defined accent on quality monitors on inputs, process controls and finished products. We offer to our customers with an extensive range of products polished on semi automatic machine with Electrophoretic Lacquer for thick & superior long lasting finish.

The excellent finish of Indobrass products includes

  • Brass lacquer
  • Satin black
  • Pearl satin
  • Satin gold
  • Black gold
  • Satin chrome
  • Pearl gold
  • Antique brass
  • Pearl chrome
  • Full gold
  • Satin steel

PAG brand offers a wide selection of over 7000 exquisite items, conforming to strict quality standards. You can see finishing excellence in all our products where high quality, has ensured that PAG enjoys a growing acceptance in competitive and premium markets. Standing on the threshold of expansion, the company is now poised to serve markets in 21 countries including Africa, Europe and Russia.

We have powerful marketing dealer network of more than 1200 dealers. We guarantee that, at PAG, you will find quality that delivers the promise of our brand to give you the confidence to develop homes and business premises. In each of PAG products you will see finished perfection.

Showcased here, is a fine collection of some of our exclusive products, all designed, manufactured and presented to let luxury come alive, in every nook and corner of your living space. For any queries, please feel free to contact us. We will have pleasure to serve you and your hardware requirements.

Every “Sris ma fils” product passes through the severe quality tests to ensure that the product delivered is the customers’ delight.

Forging :
Sris ma fils use the FORGING process for most of their products manufactured by them. In the Forging process red hot metal is forced into shaped dies under very high pressure producing products having superior strength, toughness, realibility and quality.

These products are further machined, ground, buffed and electro-phoretically treated on the latest machines.

Casting :
Sris ma fils use CASTING also for few of their products. Casting is a conventional process wherein melted metal is poured into a mold after which we get the shape for the product. Depending upon the product they use hand casting, gravity casting and investment casting by using the standard procedure.

Electroplating :
They have well equipped lab and best quality chemicals that give stunning finish to product. These finishes are further secured by electrophoretic lacquer which also gives glitter to the product. We are very confident about coating and can always take guarantee for same.

About Raw Material of Sris ma fils :
We use Raw material at par with international standards.

Brass :
Brass was the primary choice as it is known for its properties like strength, corrosion resistance, color and toughness. Over a period of time we have developed a vital range of customers for our brass models.  The brass is forged for giving shape to the dies. The process of forging further ensures superior strength, toughness.

Stainless Steel :
We also offer door handles in Stainless Steel. Process involved for manufacturing is machining and investment casting.

Features :

  • Long guarantee
  • Anti-rust
  • Strength

White Metal :
We are effectively launched different models in White Metal also. Like brass Sris ma fils got a huge success in this metal also. The specialty of White Metal is that unlike other manufacturers it is not imported from China. It is our in-house material. They give warranty for period of 3 years for finish as well material.

Door Hinges :
We provide hinges which are unique in appearance and can be customized according to the client’s requirements. These door hinges are made from premium quality brass and aluminum and are available in two different styles and colors. 

Some of their features are:
•    Durable
•    Beautifully carved
•    Abrasion resistant

Decor :
Decor item are developed with exclusive used in air craft engines, having silicon gel as its lubricant. Decor brass products has taken pains to give same lubrication to all its hardware items from sl railway to bearing hinges for best hydraulic movement to door, window & supporting door closer’s life longer. We cater eco class with all finish & best quality of decor; have come up with “power” to serve the vacuum demand.

Types of Hinges:

  • Butt hinges
  • Railway hinges
  • Reflect hinges
  • Bearing hinges
  • Double action hinges
  • Table lock hinges
  • Parliament hinges

Milton :
Milton Doors and Trim offers only the highest quality door lock, lock sets and hardware for your home or business. Our locks are never just locks and our doorknobs are never just doorknobs. That’s because all hardware purchased from Milton Doors, Providing brand name door locks sets to consumers, builders and architects who demand quality is our goal. We stock a large inventory of hardware, doorknobs and keyless door locks at all price points.

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